Matsuda Town tourist guide

Cherry Blossom Festival - International Exchange Event

Join us to the Cherry Blossom Festival together, with English speaking guides!

This year´s Cherry Blossom Festival will be held from February 8th until March 8th, and we will hold our international exchange event on February 29th (Saturday)! Below you will find the flyer with the basic information.

Reception at the Matsuda Culture Center opens at 12:00 and the event starts at 12:30. There we will have a brief orientation and light lunch, and then hike (about 30 minutes) up to the festival grounds in groups. There your English speaking guides will show you around and you can enjoy the festival and the beautiful views together at your leisure.

Here is a brief overview of the schedule:
12:00     Reception
12:30     Orientation / light lunch
13:30     Head up the mountain
14:00     Enjoy the festival
15:30     Regroup, officially the ending of the event, but you can choose to:
1) Remain at the festival
2) Be guided back to the station
3) Although not confirmed yet, we will probably have a group pass by the local sake brewery on the way back for a quick tasting/shopping opportunity.

*We assume it will be a clear day, with a good view of Mt. Fuji, and that the blossoms will not have passed their peak yet, but do be aware that all those things unfortunately cannot be guaranteed. Nature is hard to predict, but let us hope for the best!! Although extremely unlikely, in case of (heavy) rain there is a chance we might have to cancel the event, in which case we will contact you around 09:00 on the day of the event.

If you want to participate, please e-mail by February 16th (Sunday) with your name(s)/age(s)/contact information. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, or reach out through our social media or the contact for on this page! 

Also, if you are not available on the 29th but would still like an English speaking guide when you visit the festival please let us know. It may be possible to make special arrangements. More detailed information on this coming soon!

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