Matsuda-machi tourist guide

Herb Festival Spring 2019

Enjoy the Herb Garden at its finest, filled with lavender!

Herb Festival Spring 2019
Date: June 1st~9th (09:00~17:00)
Location: Nishihirabatake Park
Entry: Free
Parking: Available, 500 yen
Bus: On weekends there will be a limited shuttlebus operating between the Ajisai Festival in Kaisei and the Herb Garden

With all kinds of herbs blooming, the Herb Garden will be filled with colorful flowers and rich scents. Lavender is the main attraction and for a small fee you can pick it yourself to bring home. In the workshop you can also create beautiful bouquets and other crafts. The park and its facilities will be open every day during the Festival.

Additional events include but are not limited to:

June 1st
・Model train (N scale) on display
・Tree planting and searching for rhinoceros beetles

June 2nd
・Matsuda Music Fest with musical performances by ‘Waon’ and ‘Pachamama’

June 8th
・Taiko drum performance

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