Matsuda-machi tourist guide

The 42nd Matsuda 'Wakaba Festival' on May 5th 2019

Come and celebrate the green leaves of spring!

Date: Sunday May 5th 2019
Time: 09:30~15:00
Location: Open space in front of the Yadoriki Nature Recreation Area Administrative Center

Entry: Free
Parking: ¥500
Trout catching: ¥100

The Wakaba (lit: new leaves) Festival originated as a festival to promote local industries in Matsuda town and deepen the exchange between urban and rural areas. The mountains of Tanzawa are colored brightly by the new green leaves of May. While koi carps of all colors swim in the sky, people of all ages can enjoy trying to catch trout in the river. All kinds of local foods and other products are sold, and many other fun events are held such as games and performances.

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