Matsuda Town tourist guide


Last year marked 110 years of Matsuda town!


Population: 10,962
Number of household: 4,497

*Data of May 2018


Matsuda town was dominanted by Samurai Odawara clan for a long time. Especially in Matsuda Soryo, Matsuda soshi and Koyama, these region were thrived as a zyoka-machi (castle town) of Odawara castle. In addition, Matsuda town was invaluable for traveller who pass Ashigara-road to reach Hakone town in Edo era.


Matsuda town is located in west side of Kanagawa prefecture where is about 70km from Tokyo. There are Tomei-highway (Oi-natsuda IC), Odakyu line (Shimatsuda St) and JR Gotemba line (Matsuda St) so easy to access from Tokyo and other cities.


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