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Matsuda Kira Kira Festival


About Kira Kira Festival

This park, boasting one of the very best night view spots in Kanto, will be decorated by an illumination of over 180,000 LEDs. Looking up at Mt. Matsuda from Matsuda Town at night, the Herb Building appears like an enormous Christmas tree. The road to the festival site, Nishihirabatake park, is also decorated with countless lights. From above, the illumination blends together with the night view of Ashigara Plains, spreading out to create a beautiful view and mystical atmosphere.

Opening Hours



Nishihirabatake Park (Matsuda Herb Garden)

2951 Matsuda Soryo, Matsuda town, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa, Japan

Coming by train
Take Odakyu line and get off at Shin-Matsuda station and walk 20min
(See the video of "How to get to Matsuda Kira Kira Festival from Shin-Matsuda station)


Take JR Tokaido line and get off at Matsuda station and walk 15min

Coming by car
Take Tomei highway and get off at OiMatsuda IC and drive 5min

Please Note

  1. Please make sure to wear masks
  2. We are currently checking the body temperatures of all visitors and request your cooperation
  3. We might have a limited number of entry depends on situation
  4. We usually hold some temporally fun events but not this year due to spread of COVID-19
  5. There are no eating space and food markets in the venue

The event might be rescheduled or postponed depends on corona virus situation

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