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Great Nature Tour 2018


Great Nature Tour for December 1st-2nd, 2018

Walkabout in Yadoriki, Matsuda Town, Western Kanagawa

To those of you who may not always be satisfied with common sightseeing spots.

Yadoriki, a beautiful village in Tanzawa is known as the Shangri-La of Kanagawa. Matsuda Town will present a “Great Nature Tour” (2 days 1 night) for foreign residents in Yadoriki.

In this particular area, the human beings and nature have been living together for a long time in harmony.

This tour is completely different from other sightseeing trips, where you go visit well-known places. You are able to enjoy the sound of river and encounter flora and fauna, where you can enjoy quiet time. English tour guides will accompany this trip for your convenience.

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Matsuda Town, Kanagawa Prefecture

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