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Kochia Seedling Planting Event

Help out planting seedlings for a great new project!

On July 7th, from 9:00, there will be a Kochia seedling planting event!

Kochia (or Bassia scoparia) is a herb that serves many purposes. When harvested and dried in the shade, it can be used to make brooms. The seeds are called tonburi and are considered a delicacy, referred to as 'mountain caviar'. Furthermore they turn from green to bright red in autumn, making it an ornamental plant as well.

A big field of Kochia is going to be planted about a 5 minute walk from Nishihirabatake Park. On the day of the event around 2000 seedlings will be planted, and afterwards there will be a barbeque! If you are interested please come help out! (Beware that unfortunately there will be no English translator present this day).

For inquiries please contact the organizer 090-8871-6464 (Japanese only!).


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