Matsuda-machi tourist guide


Matsumidori (Sake)

Matsumidori (Sake)


Founded in 1825.
It is still unchanged for 200 years, all hand-made to stick.
ABC is rich swelling and mild aroma and good balance of rice and sour flavor of sake.
Food and drink in the soy sauce and the dish is.
Lean fish. Kamaboko. Japanese Oden, etc.
Mailly and even brought us louder, more will be added to the deep flavor and.
Recommended temperature is 35-40 degrees Celsius.

[ Nakazawa Brewery ]
Open : 10:00-16:00
Tel : +81 0465-82-0024
Address : Matsuda-town soryo1875.ashigarakami-gun.Kanagawa
Access : 6 minutes from Odakyu Shn-Matsuda St North exit., 4 minutes from JR Matsuda St North exit.
Yadoriki Ichiban (Honey)

Yadoriki Ichiban (Honey)


Raw material has coloured nectar, synonymous with the high-quality honey “Acacia”.
Apiaries of usually 2 years-only here apiaries and honey once a year, whereas four times and honey.
It is from the concentrated nectar is obsessed with ‘natural enrichment’.
Japan’s rare honey is this honey can eat without leaving the honey-natural high-quality enzymes, vitamins, etc. because,Slowly slowly over time, leave it to the bees work has enriched

[ Houka-en Yadoriki-so ]
Tel : +81 0465-25-5143
Address : Matsuda-town Yadoriki4380-1.ashigarakami-gun.Kanagawa
Access : About 30 minutes from the Tomei Expressway ōi-Matsuda IC.
Sale at the ” town’s staition Ashigara “.
Yakko-san Monaka (Sweets)

Yakko-san Monaka (Sweets)


MATSUDA town one of the events ‘ Matsu’s tourism Festival “in, the protagonist of the Lords ‘AKASAKA YAKKO’, ‘YAKKO-san Monaka (sweets)’, is popular as a souvenir of Matsuda town since its launch.
“Change the bean jam” appeared according to the season.
As a gift?
Sale at the ” town’s staition Ashigara “.

Smorked Sakura Trout

Smorked Sakura Trout


Painstakingly crafted from the FRY in the stream of Matsuda-machi Yadoriki area, “Sakura trout”, is a product of the reputed to pale pink meat and oil is greasy and tasty.
Sakura-trout brought up a year and a half or so and then raised in a 30 cm carefully cherry chips with smoked slowly 1 week, finished a strong fragrance.
And keep eating as well as, of course, the furniture salad and pushed sushi is delicious.

Open : 8:00-17:00
Closed : Winter December-Marchi is closed weekdays.
Address : Matsuda-town Yadoriki4380-1.ashigarakami-gun.Kanagawa
Access : 25 minutes from Odakyu Shin-Matsuda St by bus (Bus to Fuji suddenly Shonan bus “drop” from the station North exit,get off at bus stop “Tashiro-mukai”.), 15 minutes from bus stop”Tashiro-mukai”.
Kin-taro Powdered tea

Kin-taro Powdered tea


It is grown in the ashigara mountain suitable for the cultivation of tea, taste and fragrant tea.

[ Saito Tea shop ]
Open : 9:00-18:00
Tel : +81 0465-82-2207
Address : Matsuda-town soryo1203.ashigarakami-gun.Kanagawa
Access : 4 minutes from Odakyu Shn-Matsuda St North exit., 3 minutes from JR Matsuda St North exit.
Sakura Trout Sushi

Sakura Trout Sushi


It is a carefully created the “SAKURA-trout” named like “Sakura” characterized by the pale pink nature grew in the Yorii area a rich stream of sushi.

[ Matsu-Zushi ]
Open : 11:00-22:00
Closed : Wednesday, 3rd Tuesday of the month
TEL : +81 0465-82-5705
Address : Matsuda-town soryo1877.ashigarakami-gun.Kanagawa
Access : 6 minutes from Odakyu Shn-Matsuda St., 3 minutes from JR Matsuda St.

Souvenir Shops

Town’s staition Ashigara

Town’s staition Ashigara


Open : 9:00-17:00
Tel : +81 0465-44-4820
Address : Matsuda-town soryo1216.ashigarakami-gun.Kanagawa
Access : Front of the Odakyu Shn-Matsuda St North exit and JR Matsuda St South exit.


松田地産地消推進の会 コスモス館

Open : 9:30-16:00
Tel : +81 0465-82-6540
Address : Matsuda-town soryo1215-10.ashigarakami-gun.Kanagawa
Access : Front of the Odakyu Shn-Matsuda St North exit, 1 minutes from JR Matsuda St South exit.

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