Matsuda-machi tourist guide


Matsumidori (Sake)

Matsumidori (Sake)


It remains unchanged for 200 years, still keeping tradition of brewing sake manually.
Our sake has a mild aroma and a good balance of mild taste of rice and sour flavor of sake.
It goes well with dishes prepared with soy source. Perfect match with Japanese cuisine.
It can be drunken warm, but a bit chilled sake brings even deeper flavor and taste.
[ Nakazawa Brewery ]
Open : 10:00 - 16:00
Tel : +81 462-82-0024
Address : Matsuda Soryo 1875, Matsuda, Ashigarakami-Gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Access : 6 minutes walk from Odakyu Shin-Matsuda Station out of north exit. 4 minutes from JR Matsuda Station north exit.
Yadoriki Ichiban (Honey)

Yadoriki Ichiban (Honey)


Our honey is made of acacia nectar, having light brown color.
A typical life span of honey bee is only 2 to 3 months. A hard working bee's life ends sometimes even after 20 days. During this short span of life the bees collect acacia nectar. A bee would collect only one spoonful of acacia nectar during its life span. Hokaen honey is condensed slowly, taking a longer time, from this precious nectar collected by these hard working bees.
[ Houka-En Yadoriki ]
Tel : +81 465-85-3215
Address : Matsuda-Machi Yadoriki 4380-1, Ashigarakami-Gun, Kanagawa
Access : Approx. 30 minutes from Tomei Express Oi-Matsuda Interchange
Shop : "Machi-No-Eki : Ashigara" Town's station opposite of Shi-Matsuda Staion of Odakyu Line
Yakko-San Monaka (Traditional sweets)

Yakko-San Monaka (Traditional sweets)


Yakko-San Monaka is made, representing a figure of Yakko which is a traditional Samurai parade performed every summer in the town of Matsuda. It is a Japanese traditional sweet which is considered typical as sourvenir to bring back home or give to friends.
The sweet beans inside the " Monaka " changes sometimes depending upon the season.
Shop : "Machi-No-Eki : Ashigara" Town's station opposite of Shi-Matsuda Staion of Odakyu Line
Smoked "Sakura Trout"

Smoked "Sakura Trout"


"Sakura trout" which has grown to size of approx. 30 cm in the stream of Nakatsu River in Yadoriki is carefully smoked, using cherry blossom tree chips, to obtain a good aroma. Its pink colored meat has a nice fragrance and deep taste.
[ Yadoriki Yogyo Kumiai ]
Open : 8:00 - 17:00
Closed : From December through March weekdays are closed.
Address : Yadoriki 4380-1, Matsuda, Ashigarakami-Gun, Kanagawa
Access : 25 minutes by bus from Shin-Matsuda Station, Odakyu Line (Get off bus at "Tashiro Mukai" in Yadoriki.
"Kintaro" Powdered Green Tea

"Kintaro" Powdered Green Tea


The tea is grown in the moutain area of Ashigara suitable for cultivation of green tea leaves.
[ Saito Tea Store ]
Open : 9:00 - 18:00
Tel : +81 465-82-2207
Address : Matsuda Soryo 1203, Matsuda, Ashigarakami-Gun, Kanagawa
Access : 4 minutes from Shin-Matsuda Station, Odakyu Line, 3 minutes from JR Matsuda Station, north exit.
"Sakura Trout" Sushi

"Sakura Trout" Sushi


"Sakura Trout" grown in the stream of Yadoriki area of Matsuda Town is now made for Sushi. Its pink colored meat has a subtle taste.
[ Matsu Zushi ]
Open : 11:00 - 22:00
Closed : On Wednesdays, 3rd Tuesday of the month
Tel : +81 465-82-5705
Address : Soryo 1877, Matsuda, Ashigarakami-Gun, Kanagawa
Access : 6 minutes from Shin-Matsuda, Odakyu Line, 3 minutes from MR Matsuda Station

Souvenir Shops

"Machi-No-Eki", Town's Station "Ashigara"

"Machi-No-Eki", Town's Station "Ashigara"


Open : 9:00 - 17:00
Tel : +81 465-44-4820
Address : Soryo 1216, Matsuda, Ashigarakami-Gun, Kanagawa
Access : In front of Shin-Matsuda Station, Odakyu Line


松田地産地消推進の会 コスモス館

Open : 9:30 - 16:00
Tel : +81 465-82-6540
Address : Soryo 1215-10, Matsuda, Ashigarakami-Gun, Kanagawa
Access : In front of Shin-Matsuda Station, Odakyu Line

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