Matsuda Town tourist guide

The 24th Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival


Date: February 11th until March 12th
Time: 09:00 untill 16:00 
Place: Matsudayama Herb Garden, Nishihirahatake Park
Address: Matsuda Soryo 2951, Matsuda-machi, Kanagawa-ken
Fee: 300 yen

  • 15 minute walk from Odakyu Shin-Matsuda Station North Exit
  • 10 minute walk from JR Matsuda Station North Exit
  • Bus from JR Matsuda Station North Exit (160 yen)

Parking: 1000 yen
※ Large buses are not allowed to drive up the mountain. If you are affiliated with a tour company please contact Fujikyu-Shonan Bus Company.

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