Matsuda Town tourist guide

The 22nd Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Festival

Early blooming cherry blossoms combined with a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji!

Date: February 8th until March 1st
Time: 09:00 untill 17:00 (plus evening light-up during full bloom!)
Place: Matsudayama Herb Garden, Nishihirabatake Park
Address: Matsuda Soryo 2951, Matsuda-machi, Kanagawa-ken
Fee: 200 yen

  • 15 minute walk from Odakyu Shin-Matsuda Station North Exit
  • 10 minute walk from JR Matsuda Station North Exit
  • Bus from JR Matsuda Station North Exit (160 yen)
Parking: 1000 yen
※ Large buses are not allowed to drive up the mountain. If you are affiliated with a tour company please contact Fujikyu-Shonan Bus Company.

English guides may also be available on some days. If you are interested please contact us.

※If you want to know the most recent blooming conditions please refer to this page (Japanese). (The pictures at the bottom are last year's).
※If you have any questions please use the Contact form on the top right or e-mail !!

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