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International Exchange: Making A Floral Swag While Speaking English (Report)


At Matsuda's Spring Herb Festival 2019

On June 4th the Herb Festival special limited event ‘Making a floral swag while speaking English’ was held!

To start things off organizer Hori-san welcomed everyone at the Herb Hall's workshop on the second floor, and gave a brief introduction.
Nick-sensei gave a brief explanation about the herbs in the Mt. Matsuda Herb Garden. Hara-sensei answered some more detailed questions in Japanese.

Then everybody went out into the Herb Garden to pick lavender, cherry sage, and rosemary.

Back in the Herb Hall's second floor craft workshop, everyone was instructed how to make a floral swag arrangement.

Of course everyone was able to make their own variations, depending on their favorite herbs and colors.

When the arrangement was complete, the floral swag was tied together.
Everybody managed to make a beautiful piece.

After that it was time to drink herb tea and eat cake in the Herb Hall's restaurant, while doing self-introductions in English.

All in all it was a very successful event, where everybody could enjoy making their unique crafts with herbs from the Herb Garden, while also practicing some basic English in a relaxed way!

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