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International Exchange: Sushi Making & Presentations Event

Making futomaki, and introducing international students' countries!

On January 19th we held an International Exchange event to kick off the new year. Foreign guests learned to make sushi, and exchange students gave presentations about their countries!

First off the town's staff welcomed the guests and introduced the sushi chefs of the day: Mr. and Mrs. Ohashi, from Matsuda's very own Matsuzushi!
(If you have a chance, be sure to give their restaurant a visit for superior quality sushi!)

Chef Ohashi gave a demonstration of how to make futomaki, a thick sushi roll. The quality ingredients were all freshly brought in from Matsuzushi. Everybody listened to the explanation attentively.

The first part was easy, spreading out the rice over the seaweed, and layering the ingredients on top.

The harder part was wrapping the roll in the proper way, and tightly. Mr. and Mrs. Ohashi made sure everybody was doing it right!

They also showed everyone how to make tasty, fresh miso soup.

Everyone succeeded in making beautiful rolls...
...and perhaps more importantly, they were delicious too!

After eating their fill and cleaning up, everyone got to enjoy listening to three presentations by foreign exchange students. The first one was about India...

...the second one about Mongolia...

...and the third one about Bangladesh.

It was a very unique chance for the event's participants to hear about these countries from people actually born and raised there. The presentations were fun and informative, so a special thanks goes out to the presenters!

The event was a great success in terms of international exchange. With Japanese sushi on the one hand, and foreign presentations on the other, the exchange went both ways, which is ideally how it should always be! We look forward to more events like this in the future!

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