Matsuda Town tourist guide

The 9th Wintersweet (Roubai) Festival 2020

Be amazed by Yadoriki's huge field of wintersweet trees and their fragrant yellow flowers!

Date: January 11th until February 11th
Time: 09:00 untill 16:00
Access: Take the 寄 (Yadoriki) bound bus from Shin-Matsuda station's North Exit. It takes about 30 minutes until the final stop. From there you can either walk for 8 minutes or take a free bus to the Robai Garden.
Parking: Available (Free) at みやま運動広場 (Miyama Sports Field)
Fee: 300 yen (age 16 and above), 200 yen pp for groups of 20 people and over.

  • There will be some food- and souvenir stalls at the Robai Garden, and there are local dining options available. Opening hours may vary so please contact us for detailed information.
  • On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays between 11:00 and 15:00 indigo dye workshops can be enjoyed nearby (Yadoriki 4028). You can dye your own handkerchiefs, bandanas, etc. for 1000 yen. 

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